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IMS Center Industry Advisory Board Meeting


8:00 AM Breakfast & Registration
8:30 AM Host Welcome
9:00 AM Attendee Introductions
9:15 AM IMS Directors - Jay Lee, Jun Ni, Dragan Djurdjanovic
9:40 AM Core Research Projects  // University of Cincinnati
  • Data Suitability Assessment for Prognostics and Health Management - Xiaodong Jia
  • An Adaptive Recipe Compensation Approach for Enhanced Health Prediction in Semiconductor Manufacturing - Aaron Shelly
10:20 AM Core Research Proejcts // University of Michigan
  • Neural Network Based Dynamic Bottleneck Prediction - Xingjian Lai
  • Multi-Regime Sensor Fault Diagnosis - Huanyi Shui
11:00 AM Break
11:10 AM Core Research Proejcts // University of Texas at Austin
  • Smart Task Planning and Control for Energy Efficiency Evaluated on an HVAC System - Zicheng Cai
  • Industrial Data Compression and Management for Process Control and Analytics - Asad Ul Haq and Zicheng Cai
NOON Lunch
1:00 PM Updates on Selected Projects
  • Autonomous Fault Detection and Root Cause Analysis for Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) Systems - Honghao Dai, University of Cincinnati
  • Bone Age Assessment from Hand X-ray Images Using Combinatorial Machine Learning Techniques - Yangbing Lou, University of Michigan
  • Modeling of Human Performance During Spacesuit Glove Use - Kaci Madden, University of Texas at Austin
1:40 PM Special Invited Presentations
  • AIST's Capabilities & Advancements in CPS Development - Dr. Oleg RYABOV, Chief Senior Researcher, Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute (AIST)
2:00 PM New Member Presentations
  • Mitsubishi Electric
2:30 PM Poster Session
4:00 PM L.I.F.E. Form Feedback Session

Please be sure to submit your completed LIFE Forms as your feedback is essential for insuring that the work conducted by the Center is of the highest quality and relevant to the Center and its members.
5:00 PM Adjourn
6:00 PM

Buca di Beppo
7111 W Ray Road
Chandler, AZ 85226



IMS Center Industry Workshop on Research Challenges & Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence for Indsutrial Applications


Industry leaders will share the opportunites presented by artificial intelligence
technologies within different applications, as well as the potential impact and
challenges of applying them.

8:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
8:30 AM Introduction to the Workshop
8:40AM Forum Presentation Section I // Opportunities
  • Developments in Predictive Maintenance at Intel HVM Fab - Eric Ji, Engineer, Quality Leader, Project Manager & Engineering Manager, Intel Corporation & Stephanie Cope, Yield Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Physical Analytics for Industrial Applications - Dr. Hendrik Hamann, Research Manager for Physical Analytics, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
  • Opportunities for AI in Automotive Manufacturing - Raul Krauss, Senior Consultant, Innovation & Development, P3 Automotive
  • AI development and application in Chinese Industry - Yangbing Lou, Chief Data Scientist, Hangzhou Anmaisheng Smart Technology Co. Ltd., China
10:10 AM Break
10:20 AM Forum Presentation Section II // Challenges
  • Edge Health Monitoring System for Dry Etching Tools - Yoshito Kamaji, Engineer, Process System Research & Development Department, Hitachi High-Technologies Corp
  • Large-scale Data Integration of Factory and Building Systems: Challenges and Opportunities - Balaje Thumati, Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing
  • Forum Summary & Perspectives on Industiral AI - Professor Jay Lee,
    Director, IMS Center, University of Cincinnati
11:30 AM Panel Q & A Session
NOON Lunch & IMS Center IAB Closed Door Session
  • Approve IAB 33 Minutes 
  • IAB 34 Review
  • Financial Reports
  • Next IAB Meeting
  • New Center
1:30 PM Adjourn


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